HolaCandela is a website with free online learning material for learners of Spanish. Its main content is a series that students can watch during the last 10 minutes of a lesson, the Summer term or as homework. The idea is to provide students with some entertainment whilst practising exam skills. The activities proposed after watching each episode include exercises with a similar design to the current A-level exam (i.e. gap fill listening, multiple choice, translation or even essay practise).

The idea came from a former secondary school teacher, currently a university lecturer. HolaCandela.com aims to provide students with material that complements their lessons, motivating students with a different way of practising exam skills while enjoying learning the language. This is an ongoing project and there will be more material added to the website in the upcoming months.

Students can do the proposed activities both in class or at home, totally free. Please, enjoy our ALL EPISODES HERE. If you wish to have access to the activities per episode (also free), REGISTER HERE.